Monday, August 17, 2015

First Day of School 2015-2016

Last night was pretty emotional for mama.
Hard to believe that my tiny baby is big enough 
to read this book I've been saving for him!
He almost broke my heart when he woke up this morning and said,
"NOW?!  But I'm not ready.  I just want to stay in Mommy's class."

When I reassured him that he could come to my class right after school,
he clung to me and cried his little eyes out and said,
"What if I don't know how to get there?  I can't remember how to get there!" 

So we pulled out all the oils:
Peace & Calming for my little buddy,
Stress Away for me,
Thieves for everyone because school germs,
and Deep Relief for Daddy 
because I'm sure we were giving him a headache trying to get us out the door!

Tucker was so brave and told us that he wanted to walk by himself to his classroom,
so Dan stopped on the sidewalk and let him walk the rest of the way by himself.

There goes my heart.....

 I could hardly wait until dismissal!
It made my heart so happy to have these two with me.

They both had a great day, so we celebrated with ice cream!

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