Monday, July 13, 2015

Round here

We love everything about summer, 
and July is turning out to be just as great as June was.

Here are some of the things we've been up to 'round here:

going to the movies with cousins

slip and slide fun

summer swim practice and meets

visiting Mom and Dad's high school in Daphne -
back to where it all started!

long summer afternoon naps

late nights at the ballpark watching Daddy play softball
while Lana entertains all the children 
with the penny game Dr. Barlow taught her

hours of free time

discovering this brand of hot tea,
and the whole family becoming addicted,
drinking a pot or more every day

loads and loads of reading

late nights and sweet puppy dog eyes

Lemon dropper business meetings

 early mornings in our favorite spots

love notes left around the house

taking all the "kid music" off the iPod
and replacing it with "real music": Lecrae, Hillsong, and a few T-Swift ones
 growing up right before my eyes.

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