Friday, July 3, 2015

Fairhope Vacation 2015

We love Fairhope.

I taught first grade at the precious K-1 Center there from the time I graduated college until I was about to give birth to Lana.

My sweet Lana was born at the hospital there.

It's the sweetest little well-kept secret in the south, and we love to visit as often as we can.

Some of our dear friends are in Africa this summer bringing water and Living Water,
and they offered us the opportunity to stay in their house while they are away.

We jumped at the chance, and just retruend home from a week in one of our favorites places on earth.

Some of the highlights:

the town
walking to town instead of driving
watching the sun set from Fairhope pier
playing at the newly (to us!) renovated Fairhopers park
window shopping through downtown
playing tourist and visiting Waterville in Gulf Shores
visiting the town library every day
choosing souvenirs and getting tattoos from Fantasy Island Toys
browsing through books at Page & Palette
short drive to Robertsdale to Tucker's favorite splash pad

the people
having dinner with students from the very first class I ever taught- they are in college now!
meeting friends for a movie in the park
seeing familiar faces everywhere we went
being with my favorite people 24/7

the food
Mr. Gene's Beans (nearly daily)
Locals: bison burger and alligator burger, topped with Elberta cheese
R's Bistro & Pastry: shrimp and grits, topped with their famous crawfish gravy
Panini Pete's for beignets (ordered to-go because the line was around the block)
Papa's Pizza: stuffed pizza
Frios Pops: the mojito is to die for
Dragonfly Bar: $2 tacos after 5!
The Diner in Gulf Shores: $15 for the best all-you-can-eat friend shrimp around
cookies and milk every night before bed: a Team Davis tradition

Here are a few pictures that we caught on our phones....
click on any one to enlarge.

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  1. Let us know next time you're that close! We live right down the road from the splash pad.