Sunday, June 21, 2015

Father's Day 2015

I love celebrating Father's Day with Dan!
This is his 9th year as a daddy,
and he is more beloved every year.

Here are the kids' annual Father's Day questionnaires:

We celebrated this year with corporate worship, a nap, 
and a round of golf before enjoying a steak dinner together.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Round here.

Our summer is off to a really wonderful start.  We have kept ourselves as unscheduled as we possibly can, and have enjoyed several days where we didn't leave the house at all!

Here are a few snapshots of what we are up to these days:

Meet my sweet Sunday morning Connect Group!
Dan has a great deal of responsibility on Sunday mornings, so finding a women's connect group was really important for me.  The Lord sent me to just the right one!  Love these ladies.

If you know me at all, you know that I'm in my happy place here:

Tucker has been asking for a year to take tennis lessons.
We took him to a clinic at Roger Scott, and he loved it!
Then he said he'd rather just stay home and play for the rest of the week, lol!

Summertime is for learning to conquer your fears!

conquering your fears is way easier when sister is around to spur you on.

Some of our students graduated this year....these are 2 we love in particular.
They both interned with Dan the summer of their junior year, 
and they became very special to us in many ways.  We are proud of them!

Favorite thing I'm diffusing these days:
5 drops bergamot, 3 drops rosemary, 3 drops ylang ylang
Smells just like Aveda.
Tucker reading the directions to his brainwork by himself!!  Go Tuck, go!
Slow mornings mean serious conversations with our best buddy before breakfast:

Shenanigans like this are in great supply:

time for feeding our soul abounds:

I was doing one of those silly Q&A things with the kids, and one of the questions was "Which character is Mom most like?"  I asked them separately, mind you, and both kids answered:
 "Belle" from Beauty and the Beast.
I'll take it!

storytime at our church is so fun!
Happening every Thursday morning at 10:00 a.m.

 A big turtle found its way into our yard late one afternoon.
Pepper was not a fan.  video 1     video 2

The red flags have been flying like crazy,
but we've managed to sneak in some solid beach time

made even more fun when long-time friends join in!

When the boys go golfing, the girls sneak in date time:

Funny story: after Tucker spent the afternoon golfing with his daddy,  we went to dinner with friends. On the way home, he told us he didn't feel good. (Typical when he's overtired.) As we pulled in our driveway, he said "I feel better already. I think I was just homesick." He had been away from the house 6 hours.
He is a total introvert!

A friend sent Dan this picture a few weeks ago with the comment:
Hey, look, I found a picture of you and Rachael.
It makes me laugh every time I see it because it's just so right on!

This is a puppy someone was giving away on a Facebook garage sale site,
and we tried to talk Dan into letting us get.
It's SO UGLY it's cute!!!!
He said no.

Here are a few more glimpses of our down time.

Earning extra screen time by playing with your sibling and letting them choose:

making "weapon necklaces"

learning how to thread friendship bracelets like Mommy used to do

and literally climbing the walls!  Ha!

Love this picture with my niece and nephew last week - 
don't they look just like me?!  
There's no blood relation (they are Dan's brother's children),
but I could steal them and no one would question me a bit!
Love these two blondies!!

Oh my goofy family - I'm so glad these are my people!!!

We went to a poodle show at our local library

and Tucker LOVED IT!  He couldn't wait to pet them after, and begged me to take his picture with them.  So darn cute I could eat him!!

We have absolutely loved these first few weeks of summer!
Our schedule is about to ramp up:
swim meets are starting
VBS is next week
 I'm going to the lavender fields in Park City, Utah
Lana has volleyball camp
both kids are going to a summer camp at Hillcrest
birthday parties

So glad to be on this journey of life with these people!
They're my favorites.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

ECAT Youth Art Contest

In April, Lana's art teacher Mrs. Miller helped her enter an 
Escambia County Area Transportation Youth Art contest.

Today was the awards ceremony and

They put her artwork and name on the side of a city ECAT bus!!
It will be a mobile gallery for an entire year!

We were so proud!

 Here is her piece of artwork:

Waiting for the awards ceremony:

Oh, how I wish I was taking video when that big bus rolled around the corner with her artwork displayed on it!  

WEAR TV was on site

The head of Escambia County area transportation systems,
and the deputy superintendent of Escambia County Schools 
were just a few of the dignitaries on hand for the ceremony.

They had just announced that she was the grand prize winner!
She is always so cool, calm, and collected.
Only the ones who know her best would see her little mannerisms that show her nervousness,
the most prominent of which is pushing her hair back over her shoulders repeatedly.

with our deputy superintendent

She was presented with a brand new set of oil pastels along with her trophy.

Our artist!!

All of the winners:

This bus will be on site during the next Gallery Night,
and then it will be put into commission doing routes in Pensacola.

So.  Stinking.  Proud.

Love that beautiful blue cross just near the handicap entrance.

Afterwards, the ECAT offices hosted us for a sweet ceremony with refreshments.

They asked Lana and the winner of the high school division to cut the cake.
Can you see how red Lana's cheeks are?!

ECAT received over 300 entries for the contest from all over Escambia County.
These 3 winners were all from the same classroom!

A reporter from the Pensacola News Journal asked Lana for an interview.
She was so gracious and poised!
She said she asked her questions like
What do you want to be when you grow up?
(I want to be an author.)
When did you become an artist?
(I've been drawing my whole life.)
What is your big life goal?
(To write and illustrate my own book.)

PNJ already had a little blurb about our winner this afternoon:

And you can read the full article here: Pensacola News Journal