Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Round here

Tucker and Dan have found their new go-to for Dude Days: the golf course

Some of our dearest friends in the world were in Navarre celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary, and they so graciously took one night of their vacation to have dinner with us!!  What a treat!


Tucker says it's "blurry" when it's foggy outside.
It's my favorite, and I will hurt anyone who tries to correct him.

Audio books are becoming an obsession.
He woke up late one morning, and was eating breakfast by himself at the table - 
I came out from getting dressed to find him listening to Adventures in Odyssey as he ate.

Pepper sleeps in the funniest positions!

Sprinklers and water balloons with neighbors

My sister-in-love Ranae was in town for her brother's high school graduation,
and so sweetly took a day to come spend with us!
I am so thankful my brother married someone we all love!

Friday nights are wild for Team Davis this time of year.

Tucker finished his second t-ball season.
We were all very proud of the progress he made!

Getting a trophy came in a close second to the sno ball.

Love these two cuties!!

He knows that when he or his daddy put a baseball cap on backwards, I turn into a puddle of mush.  We were walking in the mall, and he said "Look, mom!  You love it when I'm cute like this."

Lana shenanigans in Target!  She makes me laugh so much!

My mother-in-law gifted me some beautiful hibiscus plants, 
and they are growing like crazy!  I love these pretty flowers.

We spent Memorial Day weekend with Dan's brother and family.
They live on 10 acres - perfect for cousin fun!!
It rained off and on all weekend, so the kids had a huge Nerf war.

We jumped in the pool between thunderstorms,
and Tucker showed off his ever-improving swimming skills.

Fun times on the Davis Farm.

planting watermelons and sunflowers

These 2 buddies are as thick as thieves,
and have been since they were tiny.
They play so well together, and choose each other's company over anyone else's when they are together.  I hope they are always this close.

Friday is our last day of school and then summer officially begins!!
We can't wait!

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