Thursday, May 7, 2015

Round here.

Dan and I were invited to attend Safe Harbor's annual banquet,
and had a really lovely time.
I got to sit next to precious Laura Faulk, one of the ministry assistants at Hillcrest.
She just bubbles, and I love the bits of time we get to spend together!

This is how Pepper lays when she really, really, really wants you to play with her toy.

Lana found this little beauty hiding in our umbrella on the back patio this week.
She held him for a while, then we released him outside of our backyard,
where it would be safe from Pepper.

So THIS is happening.
Headgear?  Braces?  Retainers?
We shall see.

This is quite often the view into my backseat.
I love it so much;
it's my dream come true to have 2 little readers.
I also admit to being more than a little jealous,
as I get violently carsick if I read in the car.

 I snapped this picture of my little lovely as she got off the school bus one afternoon this week.
She just captivates me....true beauty from the inside out.

My puppy loves me.

Tucker took tball pictures a couple weekends ago,
and we got them in today.
Yep, if you're looking for me,
I'm over here in a puddle on the floor.

Lana and I ditched swim practice and all responsibilities,
and went on an afternoon date today.
As we were browsing in the bookstore,
I found this inscription inside one of the books she was looking at.
I thought it perfect.

 We picked this one up from the library,
and we are ALL loving this collection of stories compiled by Jane Yolen,
featuring female heroes in every one.

Here's a new recipe we tried this week that everyone in the family loved, even when I substituted whole wheat angel hair pasta: Cheesy Crock Pot Chicken Spaghetti

And here's another new one we're looking forward to trying next week:
Apple Pork Loin in the crockpot

Tomorrow, I am having Muffins with Mom at Tucker's school.
This weekend, Lana is participating in the Sunshine State Math Competition as a team captain.
Tucker is playing t-ball.
We are using a gift certificate we won at a benefit auction to spend a few nights on Fort Walton Beach.
A dear friend gave us a dolphin snorkeling tour as a gift, and we're doing that on Mother's Day.
Tucker is practicing the book that he's reading in front of everyone at his preschool graduation coming up.
Lana is preparing for Battle of the Books next weekend.
More pictures to come, because there's lots going on 'round here.

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