Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Kindergarten registration for Tucker!

Today was kindergarten registration day for the littlest of Team Davis!

He was coming out of his skin, he was so excited!

We started in the library with a story time,
read by one of the kindergarten teachers.

He liked Ms. Robinson's choice of Skippyjon Jones!

There are quite a few teacher's children starting K-5 this year -
should be interesting!

Mrs. Sanders, our principal, introduced herself and took us on a tour of the school.

She had a sweet gift for each of the children.

so big, standing in line with Daddy.

I think she was talking about the playground, hahaha!

They even got to take a quick ride on the bus!

We wanted to ride with him, but he insisted on going alone.

And, that, my friends, is how T-bone feels about registering for kindergarten!

Oh, this little treasure of ours.

He's going to set the world on fire.
He's going to fight the good fight of the faith.
He's going to be joy and sunshine and loud noises wherever he goes.
He's not going to be completely mine anymore....
but that's ok.  He never really was anyway.
Trusting the Lord all the more as I send this baby of mine off to school.

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