Saturday, May 16, 2015

Battle of the Books

This was Lana's first year to compete in Battle of the Books, and it was awesome!  Her team took home a second place win over all the other 3rd grade teams in the county!

3rd, 4th, and 5th grade teams from Lipscomb
These kids read 10-13 books during this school year, and practiced for hours after school each week with Mrs. Dorsett, their librarian and coach, to get ready for this competition.  

waiting on the competition to start

Parents weren't allowed inside the competition.
For 2.5 hours, teams were asked questions about the books that they read.

Awards time!

Second place!

One girl is missing from their team in this picture -
I hope these sweet girls do this together every year!

Lana couldn't wait to find her beloved librarian and Battle coach afterwards.

 We are so thankful for Mrs. Dorsett and the hours upon hours she puts in to this so that our children can have this experience.

Just another reason we love our school!

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