Saturday, April 4, 2015

Spring Break 2015

We spent this week in Palm Beach, just outside of St. Augustine, Florida,
at the lovely Hammock Beach Resort with dear friends.

The sweet God-story of how the Lord gave Liz & I 
a dear, dear friendship is too long to tell,
with too many layers to unpeel.
Suffice it to say I am so thankful for it,
and a week to spend together with our babies is more of a gift that I can say.

Liz had a work conference, which scored us this dreamy time together.
The kids and I amused ourselves while she attended trainings during the day,
and then we spent the afternoons and evenings having all kinds of fun.

The trip down was about 6.5 hours, and I loved every minute of it!
Car trips were a lot of work when they were smaller,
but now they are just a delight!  One of the benefits to children growing.  ;)
Best little road trip buddies ever.

Here are the 4 littles in our favorite place of the week: poolside!

How beautiful, right?!
The weather was like this all week long -
stunning.  Such  gift.

With that beautiful weather, it's no surprise that the pool 
was where we spent the majority of our hours!

We made one trip out to the Atlantic:
The little boys went right in, and came right back out screaming!
The super high salt content made their legs burn -
neither of them quit crying until we got them back to the pool.
Tucker said through his sobs "I just only like the Gulf of Mexico!"

We spent lots of time in the condo,
relaxing and just doing exactly what we wanted:
painting, reading, playing, thinking, watching cartoons, eating junk food, face timing with Daddy.

By nighttime, we were all worn out in the best way possible!

Each night, after I got the kids tucked in, I snuck out to the balcony for a few moments:
sheer bliss.

Nearly every day, we managed to find an adventure in and around St. Augustine and down A1A.

We visited a really cool alligator farm one day.
I was amazed at how active these alligators were-
more so than any I've ever seen in the zoo.
They had a great play place for the kids, too.

 Another day, we drove into beautiful St. Augustine, Florida,
and took a carriage around the arguably oldest city in America.
It was lovely!

We parked near an old fort that I thought was breathtakingly beautiful.

These monkeys are pretty breath-taking themselves:

One of our favorite things we did was visit Mainland and feed the dolphins!

click here for more pictures of dolphin feeding

After we finished feeding the dolphins, we explored the facility a little,
which really is a neat little conservation place for marine animals.
Our very favorite were the huge sea turtles:

 Lana spotted this little guy hiding in the gift shop aquarium:

 After 6 nights and 7 beautiful days, 
we had to say goodbye to lovely Hammock Beach and head north.
Unbelievably thankful for these people and this week.

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