Sunday, April 5, 2015

Resurrection Day 2015

Graffiti Bridge, Easter morning 2015
photo courtesy of WEAR

Some Easter mornings....
you've been out of town for a week.
so the Grace garden didn't get planted.
and the crown of thorns didn't get completed.
and the Lent readings didn't get finished.
and the Resurrection Celebration isn't nearly as elaborate or beautiful as it has been in years past.
and the traditional celebration breakfast didn't get cooked.
and the church outfits don't match.
and mama feels like a failure....
like I've failed to do justice to this beautiful, holy, joyous morning,
the holiday, the holy-day, that I love most of all
because all our faith hinges on this resurrection morn.
and I haven't done it justice,
I haven't managed to make it sacred enough for my children,
because that's all I really want in life,
is for them to get how sacred and beautiful and glorious this is.
and instead of feeling triumphant in Christ this morning,
the sun rises and I feel defeated.
like a failure.
and, in His great mercy,
I hear His still, small voice say:
in his great kindness,
He reminds me that this is exactly the fruit I reap
when I try to do it on my own,
and make it all about me,
and put the weight on my shoulders.
He reminds me that I will never,
in all my strivings and workings and plannings,
cause my children to see the wonder of what He alone offers them.
that my only responsibility is to love Him wildly,
and in my brokenness, point them to Him,
and HE ALONE will cause new life to grow in them.
and I count this morning of defeat and gentle correction from the Lord
proof that I am His daughter,
because He loves me enough to remind me
that I am nothing without Him.
that I have no hope, that my babies have no hope,
without His Spirit,
and that "the same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead lives in me."
so here's what I'll do now:
I'll cover the table with brightly colored cloth,
and hang the streamers
and pen Words of Life on paper for their chairs
and serve the breakfast
and it will be very simple,
but then I will go
and wake my children up with JOY instead of defeat
because, oh my friends.....
and I know, because I spoke to Him this morning.

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