Monday, April 20, 2015

Pelt nuts

I don't want to forget this.
That he calls these "pelt nuts" because you can pelt people with them.

That he grins so big when I say yes, he can stop on the way in to Target to collect some.
That he literally fist pumps the air he's so excited about that yes.

That he fills his little pockets with them.

That he promises not to pelt anyone inside the store.

That he shows a handful to every one we meet, 
telling them how excited he is to find pelt nuts for his collection.

That nearly each person he tells throws back their head and laughs,
declaring "pelt nuts" the perfect name for them.

That he holds my hand on the way back to the car,
and tells me thank you for letting him get pelt nuts at Target.

That sweet 5 year old innocence and joy.....
I do so wish I could stop time right here.

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