Thursday, March 12, 2015

Round here

*Lana just finished up her swim meet season last weekend.  Tucker's t-ball season is beginning, and Lana's summer swim season is beginning, as well.

*Tucker is beginning to read, and to choose to do so.  He's in that stage where he says "I can read that!" about street signs, store displays, etc.  It's precious.

*Team Davis has completely converted to Greek yogurt, and we all love it.  Craziness.

*Dan preached his first sermon at Hillcrest Church this past Sunday.  You can listen to it online here.  He makes me very proud.

*I just finished the last certification test for my Florida teaching certificate, and should get it in the mail from the FL Dept of Ed any day now.  I will never let that thing expire again!

*We have all turned into audio book addicts, and haven't listened to music in the car AT ALL in 2015.  We are currently listening to The BFG by Roald Dahl, and have Island of the Blue Dolphins and Tuck Everlasting ready for a road trip this weekend.

*We are as crazy about essential oils as ever.  

*We are reading Amon's Adventure together in the days leading up to Easter.

*I have jumped back into BSF on Wednesday mornings, and am learning more than I ever imagined as we study the life of Moses through Numbers right now.  I am very excited about spending the entire next year studying the book of Revelations!

*We just finished the Mom2Mom sale last week, and accomplished our goal of breaking even!  We made as much on selling our old things as we did buying our new.  Consigning is a team effort for our family, and that breaking even is always a victory.  :)  My mom came and helped with the kids and our home in a HUGE way, my friend Liz sent several wonderful restaurant gift certificates to lighten my load and keep us fed, and Dan played Mr. Mom all through the week.  It takes a village, and I'm really thankful for ours.

*Dan was introduced to DubSmash by our dear friend Dustin, and you can't believe the laughter it has brought into our home.....Dan and the kids laughing at the videos, me laughing at their silliness.

*Tucker is still in weekly swim lessons, and he's still not a strong swimmer.  I am contemplating biting the bullet and putting him in private lessons for the month of May so get him swimming by summer.

*Lana was selected to be on her school's Battle of the Books team, and it is just as preciously nerdy as it sounds.  They have a team of 3rd-5th graders who read a large selection of books, and then join other elementary schools in our county for a "battle" in May.  She is thrilled to bits about it, and loves staying every Thursday afternoon after school to practice.

Here's a quick picture dump from my phone with lots of sweet moments from our past few weeks.

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