Monday, March 23, 2015

34 things I love about Dan on his 34th birthday, in no particular order.

  1. his gray hair (that he hates, but I adore)
  2. his back dimples that match Tucker's
  3. he holds my hand
  4. he loves Jesus
  5. he loves our babies
  6. he makes phone calls so I don't have to
  7. he never calls it "babysitting" when he is caring for the children
  8. he makes the bed and irons my clothes nearly every morning of our life
  9. he cooks the best breakfast
  10. he tries to learn from his mistakes
  11. he is the best shopping buddy!
  12. he gets my need for silence and doesn't get offended by it
  13. he doesn't take himself too seriously
  14. he doesn't take others too seriously
  15. he doesn't take ME too seriously
  16. we got married at 21 and have literally grown up together
  17. he tells me that I am a good mom
  18. he makes time for me to run
  19. he is sweet to my mama
  20. he teaches me how to let things go
  21. he binge watches shows on Netflix with me at night
  22. he lets me warm my cold feet on him
  23. he works hard so I can be at home with our littles
  24. he encourages me in anything I want to do or be
  25. he makes me laugh
  26. he lights up any room he is in
  27. his smile is my favorite
  28. he never complains about stopping at the store on his way home from work
  29. we like the same foods
  30. he puts his family before himself and his interests all the time
  31. he makes the best of bad situations
  32. he sees the best in everyone and everything
  33. he is good at everything he tries
  34. he chooses me, over and over again

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