Monday, February 16, 2015

Yes Day: Second annual edition

Today was YES DAY for the littles of Team Davis!
It comes each year unexpectedly, announced by a note, found upon waking. 
This is arguably their favorite day of the entire year.

Last year, we began our annual YES DAY! tradition, based on this adorable book:
No matter how silly the requests, there is one day a year when kids always receive positive answers: Can I have pizza for breakfast? Yes! Can we have a food fight? Yes! Can I stay up really late? Yes! This day is simply called Yes Day and it's the best day of the year.

The only rule we have is that they must ask for things "within reason:" no trips to Disney World are considered.  :)  To be honest, they do not even think to ask for things like new toys, etc.  That may come in years in the future, but for now, I am treasuring the sweet things they ask for.

Can we play our electronics before we even brush our teeth?

Can we play it with no time limit?

Can we have sugar cereal for breakfast?

Can we leave our beds unmade?

All day?

Can we play the Wii?
With no time limits?
 Can we eat this candy?

And this?  And this?  And this and this and this and this?

Can we eat your candy, Mom?
Even this big Hersey kiss?

Can I take a bath in your big tub and read?
Can we skip brushing our teeth today?

Can we watch cartoons?
A lot of them?
As many as we want?
In your bed?

Can I have peanut butter toast and pizza for lunch?

Can I wear whatever I want?
Even this summer dress?

Can we watch more cartoons?

Can I eat FunDip in your bed?
While I watch cartoons?

Can I stand on top of the playset where it makes you nervous I'll fall off?
Can I shoot my water gun?
Can I play in the rain?
Can I bring my digger outside in the rain?
Can I just wear my underwear, no shorts?
Can we have ice cream for dinner?
Can it be chocolate?
Will you read me one more chapter?
Even though it's past bedtime?
Can I skip my shower?
Can we play Just Dance together?
Even though it's past bedtime?

Everyone went to bed with smiles on their faces.
The last question was
Can we have YES DAY again tomorrow?
And the answer is NO!  :)

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