Friday, February 20, 2015

Lana loves third grade!

And honestly, what's not to love?
Her teacher, Mrs. Celis, is one of the best teachers I've ever known
and I've known a lot of good ones.

book clubs
research projects
pet lizards
morning piano lessons
kindergarten buddy class
hot chocolate with whipped cream on cold mornings
big comfy couch to rest and read on
whole brain teaching
self directed study
read-a-thon days
lots of laughter and humor

Third grade has been a sweet spot for my girl:
Mrs. Celis has pushed and challenged her; held her accountable; celebrated her strengths and prodded her weaknesses; loved her; allowed her to be who she is; encouraged her; given her a love of learning; required her to work to excellence and be responsible for her own learning; brought joy and laughter into every day of school.
This mama could not be more thankful for this teacher!

My Lana is almost 9.
That's halfway through her time in our home, under my direct discipleship.
She spends most of her daytime hours with her teacher at school,
and instead of that making me anxious,
it brings me great joy to know that she is with Mrs. Celis.

Each year, we pray and ask the Lord how to school our children that year.
Each year, the Lord has directed us to keep Lana in public school.
Each year, Lana's teachers (and her learning) have exceeded our wildest expectations.
God is so good to us!

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