Saturday, February 21, 2015

District Swim Meet

Lana swam her last meet of the season today at UWF.
She swam the 25 backstroke, the 50 breaststroke, and the 25 freestyle.

Please excuse the picture quality - I took them on my cell phone and then cropped.
I just love to have memories of her in action.  You can click on any picture to enlarge.

You can see her coach crouched down at the end of the lane, cheering her on.
She loves that.

We were so proud of her performance!
She set personal best times in 2 events,
and had a great seed time for the breaststroke, 
which she was disqualified for at the last meet because of a stroke technicality.  
This time she did it right!

25 backstroke: 22.14 (seed time 22.38), finishing 9th out of 50 in her division.
50 breaststroke: 1:02.21 (NT), finishing 14th out of 24 in her division.
25 freestyle: 19.59 (seed time 20.12), finishing 12th out of 49 in her division.

We agree with her coach that these are really remarkable times, considering this is her very first season of swim.  Her coach just sent us an email that said it best: 
I'm glad she enjoys it, she's improved so much and hasn't been swimming long at all. Crazy to think how much stronger and faster she will be a year from now. 

I absolutely love meets.
I love being crammed in the stands with a bunch of swimmers and their siblings as we wait between events and making sure she has plenty of water and nutritious snacks and watching the other swimmers and comparing seed times and writing the events on her arm in sharpie and cheering so loud even though I know she can't hear me under the water. 
I am totally a swim mom.

Nana came to cheer Lana on,
and bought her 2 new racing suits to wear during the summer swim season!

We love 9 Mile Swim!

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  1. So proud of your Lana! This is all big stuff!
    Glad she's loving it so and excelling like she is!
    I was on swim team my entire childhood, so seeing her pictures brings back so many great memories!