Tuesday, February 10, 2015

2015 Lipscomb Art Show & Book Fair

Last night was our school's annual Art Show & Book Fair!  It is one of our absolute favorite nights of the year, and we do whatever it takes to be able to attend, including skipping homework and extending bedtime. It's that good!

Our art teachers work tirelessly to make it a wonderful success, and my pictures don't even do it justice.  The entire cafeteria was filled to the brim with artists demonstrating their craft, the Ransom band was on stage performing while were there, we heard about a dance group that performed before our arrival, and as we were leaving, someone was performing opera.  The walls of our school are lined with artwork done entirely by our students, 1 or 2 original pieces each.

The library hosts the book fair simultaneously, and I cannot even tell you how fun it is to squeeze into that packed room with kids begging their parents to buy them "just one more book."  Our own children did chores all weekend to earn extra book fair money, including raking leaves and scooping dog poop.  We love books!

First things first: we enjoyed pizza for dinner to support Relay for Life

 Many of the local artists allowed the children to create art alongside them:

 Art students from the local high school students paint faces:

Enjoying Lana's artwork on display:

 And then the last stop was the library for books.
I made them pose in line, and this picture makes me laugh because Lana had so many they were falling out of her arms!

We are thankful for our school for so many reasons.
High on that list is our amazing art teachers!

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