Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Dinnertime theology

We are reading The Dangerous Journey
together each night at dinner, bit by bit.  
It is the story of Pilgrim's Progress, greatly shortened from the original,
and written in words that are easier for children to understand,
although still rather old English.

Lana has read it by herself before, and Tucker is doing really well listening to stories these days, so even if they don't really understand it, I thought it would be good for them to hear the rich theology in this story.

We just finished up chapter 1 tonight, and Lana shocked Dan & I both as we closed the book:
You know, this book is really about our Life.
Christian, well, he's like me.  Just starting out in his journey of Christian life.
And Evangelist, he teaches people how to follow Jesus -
like you guys do for me! (pointing to Dan and I)
And Pliable and Mr. Worldly Wiseman, that's like all the people who will try to lead you away from Jesus, and that's real life!

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