Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Santa & Tucker

 Santa came to visit Tucker's class today!

Earlier in the week, his teachers were reading a book,
and asked the question (before turning a page): "What happened to Santa?"
Tucker said, "Well, he died!"

We tell our children the truth about Santa
(that he was a real man, and some parents pretend he is still alive)
and we remind them that what other children believe is their family's business,
and we are not to tell them ourselves; 
instead, we just play along with their game of pretend,
just like when we're playing superheroes.

If you ask Tucker a direct question,
he will give you a direct answer 99.9% of the time,
and I'm not going to fuss at him for telling the truth when he's asked!

We did remind him before this Santa-visit day
that it would be best to just play along with the pretend game.
He was very proud to tell us when he got in the car that
"I didn't tell any of my friends that Santa was just pretend -
it was so fun!  Mrs. Clause came, too.
And when he asked me what I wanted, I just told him,
like you said to do, mama!"

Sweet boy.

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