Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Round here.

Fish tanks at the store still amaze them.
Love how precious they are to each other.

He loves to teach us the songs he learns at VPK:
JOY song
Amazing that he will be with us at school next year.

When did my tiny baby become a real live boy?!
He still needs those naps like a little boy;
he's got long legs like a big boy.
Times like these, I can see him caught between the stages.

Oh this dear girl.
Loves reading like her mama,
loves adventure like her daddy,
she's a creature all her own.
Being her mama is a treasure.

A glimpse into the juxtaposition that is my little girl:
book in her hand, light saber at her side.
Sums her up perfectly.

Fun times at a birthday party with my best buddy:

Swim team friends!
Big sisters are teammates;
little brothers play together endlessly.

Pastor's kids on a Sunday night!
Living the dream.

My buddy has always had a deep love for chocolate,
and I often find him with a tell-tale ring around his mouth:

Winter in Florida is a beautiful thing.
Lazy days off school to enjoy it are too.
Warm sunshine, sidewalk chalk, water guns,
still in pajamas in the afternoon.

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