Sunday, December 14, 2014


Top row:
Tanner & David Mosely, Mark & Valita Scanlan, Joe & Michelle Rutherford (and baby CJ), Monty & Donella Ray, baby Daniel Ryan, Minh Ryan, Guy & Tiffany Meredith, Sean Ryan, Paul & Andrea and Michaela Frost
Bottom row:
Michelle Mosely, Alaina Frost, Colton Rutherford, Lana, Alyssa Clarke, Tucker, Myles Meredeith, Jacob Frost, Grace Mosely, Cheyenne Rutherford 

This is our last week at Heritage,
and it's full of many "lasts,"
but tonight was perhaps the hardest one of all.

It was our last night with our small group.
With our friends who have become quite like family,
the ones who have been our harbor.

I am very rarely at a loss for words,
but when I try to write here how the Lord formed this group,
and the things we've walked through together,
and how we've been stretched and challenged and sanctified here,
and how well they've loved us
and how safe they've made us.....
well, I can't even begin.

I can say that this group and our time together has been sacred,
and our souls are stronger for the time we've spent together.

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