Saturday, December 20, 2014

Davis Family Christmas 2014

2 grandparents
5 parents
7 children, ages 9 and under

Check out this flashback to Christmas 2010:
No matter how old they are,
it all adds up to a wild and wonderful time when we are all together!

We celebrated Christmas together today in Orange Beach, and it was a blast!
Dan's dad fried fish,
and the kids got a million presents,
including Red Ryder BB guns.

The cousins played together so well - 
they really have a neat connection.
I didn't grow up with cousins,
so their relationships are really precious to me.

The seven amigos:

Present opening at the Davis' is pure insanity!
The adults pass out the presents,
and then the kids just go crazy opening - 
the volume is deafening,
and my kids cite it as one of their favorite Christmas traditions.
 Dan's sister and I were entertaining ourselves during the present passing-out:

The ones who started it all:

Isn't this just the picture of Christmas present opening?!

BB guns!

 Tucker's absolute favorite: a new pair of Jordan's!

There's not much better than an afternoon of playing with your new toys with your cousins:

 Dan and his sister doing BB gun prep:

 Aunt Nika on gun duty during the pre-shooting safety training class:


The givers of the guns:

I do believe the adults had as much fun as the kids did!

We had a wonderful day-
time together with just us is rare and treasured - 
a Christmas to remember, for sure!

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