Sunday, November 9, 2014

Life with Lana today (8 years, 3 months)

Profile of an 8 year old Lana
64 pounds (75th percentile), 53.25" tall (90th percentile)

  • Interests: swimming, art, biographies, playing the piano
  • Enjoys: all kinds of food, taking walks/runs with Mommy, going on dates with Daddy, drawing, reading
  • Turn Offs: being woken up before she's ready, making her bed, anyone around her being upset
  • Vices: grumpy when overtired, has to be reminded often to pick up after herself, talking in class
  • Strengths: able to read people's emotions well, tenderhearted, very compliant
Favorites of my eight year old

  • Foods: almonds, Chobani yogurt, sushi
  • Shows/Movie: movies based on books she's read
  • Books:
  • Toys: bead art, Nerf guns, art supplies
  • Activities: riding bikes, reading books with mommy, swimming, climbing things


  • Physical: She loves riding her bike, and rode almost 4 miles with me while I ran a couple of weeks ago.  She practices with her swim team for a full hour, 3 days a week, and she never stops while she's in the pool.  You can see the little muscles she's developing.
  • Spiritual: She knows lots about the Bible, prays sincerely and with an open heart, and is sensitive to the things of the Lord.  We talk often about salvation and baptism, waiting expectantly for the Holy Spirit.
  • Emotional: She is not dramatic at all, generally very calm and even-keel, with the exception being  if she's most women. :)  She is strongly affected by the emotions of others, particularly those in our family.  She can't stand for anyone to be upset or angry.
  • Educational: She is in a class this year with others who are high academic achievers, and it's been good for her to be challenged.  Reading and language arts come very easily to her, still.  She's working on mastering her multiplication facts, and that's not coming quite as easily.  The area for improvement that her teacher is focusing on are her class presentation skills, which is by far her least favorite thing to do.  She doesn't like being the center of attention as she presents.
  • Character: She has a clear sense of right and wrong, and while she'll sometimes make poor choices, she will eventually 'fess up.  We are proud of the strength of character she's developing in letting her no mean no.  The other evening, I watched another girl pressure her to do something that wasn't appropriate and that she clearly didn't feel comfortable with.  I didn't remove her immediately from the situation, but just closely watched to see how she handled it.  She let her no be no, and she stuck by it.  We've prayed for that!

How 8 year old Lana is like her... 
mommy - needs some time alone every day
daddy - very flexible and happy-go-lucky in nature

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