Monday, November 24, 2014

5 miles!

Major milestone for me today:

I have been running for a few years now, but have never really been able to make it past the 3 mile mark.  I think it was somewhat physical, but after a while, it became mental, too.

When we were in California, we spent some time with Robby Pitt (the city strategist there), and he is a for real runner.  I was telling him about my 3 mile block, and he suggested trying to run for 8 minutes and walk for 2, continuing with those intervals, to see if I could push myself past the 3 mile mark.  I finally tried it earlier this month, and have gradually increased my distance until, finally today, I hit this!  

I don't always have an hour to run, so I won't always be able to go this far, but it's super exciting to me that I can sometimes.

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