Saturday, October 11, 2014

Lana's first swim meet!

Lana has been on the swim team for a couple of months now.
Today was her first swim meet.

We arrived at the meet in Mobile about an hour early so that she could watch what was going on for a while.  Here's a peek into her personality (and why we knew to come early): 
as Dan & I were remarking in the front seat of the car that we had made such good time that we would be about an hour early, she pipes up from the back:
"That's ok!  I would rather be 2 hours early than 5 minutes late!"

Lana with her coach:
Coach Alex has been swimming since she was Lana's age,
all the way through college on a scholarship.
She graduated last year, and is now coaching our swim team.

She spent a few minutes with us before warm-ups, and said things like:
"Lana trains hard," and 
"She's swimming really fast to be so new - faster than some who have been with us for a couple of years.  She's got natural talent."

Headed into the pool for warm-ups:

Last minute reminders and pep talk from Coach.
I love how intently Lana is listening to her - she always does.

This sport suits Lana's personality really well.
It's a team sport, so there's that camaraderie there,
but when you get in the pool and race, it's you.
When you train, it's you.
The person you're competing against is yourself, first and foremost.
It's a really great balance for her.

Then it was time to swim!
That's her on the block right in the middle, 
getting ready to swim freestyle.

She swam 2 events, the freestyle (in lane 5, the next to farthest) and the backstroke (in lane 2).
She wasn't the fastest by any stretch but she swam hard and remembered what she'd been taught and I swear she was the bravest little girl I've ever seen, diving off that block with total composure.  I was in tears I was so proud of her.

First swim meet was officially a success!

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