Saturday, September 6, 2014

Tucker's 5th Birthday Party!

This is where we had Tucker's 5th birthday party this weekend!!

When we started talking to him about his birthday party a couple of months ago, he kept saying he wanted to go to a water park.  One night I had a brainstorm.  He and Lana love staying in hotels, and I remembered a friend telling me about a hotel on Pensacola beach that had a great pool and lazy river.

I showed him pictures and asked him if he'd like to have his birthday party there with his family....and he immediately agreed!  That was a win/win for our family - we have been very disconnected lately, all running in different directions - so this timing was perfect for a weekend for ourselves.  Additionally, the Mommy of Team Davis is the worst ever at having actual birthday parties with invitations and cake and decorations and people - so this was a BIG win for me!

They could hardly believe their eyes when we arrived Friday afternoon after school!

Tucker called the room key "the password" and insisted on opening the door himself.

When we called and told the hotel employees that we were coming to celebrate his fifth birthday, they were thrilled, and told us they would have his room decorated!  Can you believe how precious this is?! They even had 5 balloons for him!

Click here to watch his reaction when we walked in the room.

We spent the few extra dollars on the room with a balcony because it just makes them so stinking happy.  Also, this picture has not been edited, enhanced, or filtered - it just came straight off my camera.  The water really is that blue!

Florida panhandle beaches are one of the world's best kept secrets.  Between the sugar white beaches and the Caribbean-blue water, these beaches are literally breathtaking.  Because we live within a short driving distance, we usually come for the day; it's such a treat for us to stay the night here!

The pool/lazy river combo was so fun....

and then it was just a quick walk over the boardwalk to the beach.

These two are peas in a pod....or fish in a school, as the case may be.

The water was unreasonably perfect this weekend.
Crystal clear and slick.

These two are such rascally buddies - they melt my heart.

And this was our drill....
from pool to beach back to pool.

They had these fun games set up - life size Connect Four and Jenga.

Pirates dressed up and came out to the pool, throwing treasure and organizing games.

We ate at our favorite places: Red Fish, Blue Fish and Cactus Flower Cafe, and had desserts and songs and spontaneously sang happy birthday all weekend long.

Our hearts overflow with thankfulness for this son we've been given.
He is a joy.

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