Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Life with Tucker today (5 years)

Tucker Philip Davis,
today you are 5 years old.

5 whole years that we've held you in our arms,
that you've brought immeasurable joy into our family,
and it's just flown by.
It doesn't even seem real that you are a half a decade old.

When I look at you,
I still see my bitty baby boy
who was so happy inside his Mommy's tummy
that he had to be evicted at 43 weeks,
who came to us with the longest arms and legs
and the bluest eyes I've ever seen,
who had acid reflux that made him scream,
who laughed so early and so much,
who has been a mama's boy from the first,
who adored his sister beyond all reason
before he could even hold his own head up,
who hated sand and dirty and sticky fingers,
who was his daddy in miniature,
who stole my heart from the beginning.

And then I blink.

And I see you as you are today.

a warrior at heart,
shouting out to that actor in the Big Bad Wolf that
"No you won't eat Little Red Riding Hood up!  I'll punch  you in the face!"
because, to you, life is black and white
and right and wrong
and good and evil
and you know that your job is to protect.

a charmer by nature,
you thrive on making others laugh
and will continue whatever shenanigans necessary
to keep getting the smiles,
just like your daddy.

a feeler of intense emotions,
you are either very happy or very sad or very mad,
and can change from one extreme to the other very quickly.
and I'm watching the Lord work in you as
you learn self-control
and how to be the master of your emotions,
and how your mouth overflows with what your heart is full of.

destined to be a leader;
just the other day, our question for the day was
"Are you a leader or a follower?"
and while your sister took her time to answer,
you shouted out without a second thought:
"I'm a leader!  I lead people to Jesus!"
and you don't know fully yet what you've spoken out loud,
but it's the answer to every prayer I've ever prayed for you.

You love the Word of God so much,
and that's an answer to my prayers, too, son.
every night at the table, it's you who reminds us
to read the Bible,
to feed ourselves on the Living Bread;
and you're the one who wants to listen to the Bible on cd
every single time we get in the car,
even when everyone else wants music,
you beg to listen to The Jesus Storybook Bible.

You bring so much joy to every day of mine with
your love of books
and your master negotiator skills
and your math brain that is already adding and subtracting
and your neck hugs that hurt so good
and your memory like a steel trap
and your easy way of making friends
and your incorrigible sweet tooth
and the small dimple in one cheek that no one really notices but me.

You hate water in your face
and you love carrying your own bookbag into school
and you tell us every single time we ask
that you will be a skateboard rider on thick wood when you grow up
and you bring me flowers and watch until I tuck them behind my ear
just the way you like
and you hate bandaids
and love your hightop Jordans
and you won't kiss your mama in public anymore
but your hand still fits perfectly in mine
and you refuse to eat a sandwich of any kind
but can eat your weight in steamed cabbage, roasted cauliflower, and raw carrots.

I want you to know that your mama is a little sad that you're not a tiny baby anymore, but I am mostly so, so thankful to get to watch you grow.  I make so many mistakes, and I don't deserve at all to be your mama, and I can't even promise you that I won't make any more mistakes, because I know I will.

But I can promise you this....I promise you that I will spend your whole life praying for you.  I have known from the day you were born that the Lord put a warrior spirit in you, and I will spend the rest of my life cheering you on as you pursue....fight....and take hold.  Don't you waste a minute, son, fighting for temporary things, things that don't matter.  You fight the good fight of the faith.

It is the greatest honor of my life to be your mother, T-bone.

But you, man of God....pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, endurance, and gentleness.  Fight the good fight of the faith.  Take hold of the eternal life to which you were called when you made your good confession in the presence of many witnesses.  1 Timothy 6:11-12

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