Friday, September 26, 2014

Disney Day 6: Headed Home

We had an extra table service meal to use before leaving on Friday,
so Dan found us some last minute spots at O'Hana for breakfast.

It was just PERFECT because the kids love Lilo & Stitch so much!
What a great way to end our week!

I just have to brag on Dan for a bit.
He planned every single minute of this trip.
From the meals to the FastPasses to the plan for each day....he did it all!
Every time I tried to plan it, I started looking online or reading books and got totally overwhelmed with all the choices and tips and's just so MUCH.

So he took it over and I cannot even tell you what a wonderful job he did!  Every minute was planned perfectly for our family.  I am so thankful to be on Dan Davis's team.
We saved for almost a year for this trip, and enjoyed it so much!
Grateful for time away with my family.
And just as grateful to be back home!  :)

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