Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Disney Day 4: Hollywood Studios

After closing down Magic Kingdom at midnight the night before, we took our time getting started this morning.  Hollywood was new to all of us, so we were glad to arrive in time to get a treat and take in the parade while we got our bearings:

Sometimes I forget how much of a little boy my Tucker still is - 
watching him wave his little arm off at the parades was so sweet.
(He even dreamed about it that night, waving in his sleep.)

After the parade, Lana was ready to RIDE.  Her favorite part of Disney by far are the thrills,
so we headed straight to Tower of Terror.

I love this picture of her bubbling as we came off the ride!

After learning in Animal and Magic Kingdoms that Tucker likes rollercoasters, but really really dislikes it when they are dark and scary, we decided to parent swap and let him sit this one out even though he met the height requirement.  (Lana was glad that she got to ride the Tower again!)

Even the atmosphere in the waiting area freaked Tucker out,
so we were thankful for a timely bit of distraction:

 After riding the Tower of Terror, we had FastPasses for the stunt show:

It was really cool!

Just around the corner was the Honey I Shrunk the Kids area.
We watched the movie together the week before our trip so they would "get" it.

It was really cool and they were so excited!

Stitch is their very favorite character, so when they found these stuffed animals,
they both chose to use their spending money to get one!
You can see how thrilled my buddy was:

We couldn't get a Fast Pass for the Toy Story ride, 
so we decided to bite the bullet and wait.

So glad we did!  It was arguably my favorite non-coaster ride of all.

We did child-swap for Rockin' Rollercoaster, and we all loved it!

What a great day in Hollywood Studios!
We had no expectations, so it was low-key and laid back.  Perfect.


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