Monday, September 22, 2014

Disney Day 2: Animal Kingdom

We spent our first day in Disney parks at Animal Kingdom.
We had extra Magic hours, and we were so excited that we were on the resort bus at 7:00 a.m. 
and at the park for rope drop at 8:00 a.m.

We are so glad we were!
We made our way straight for the safari, and as we approached the line,
a safari guide asked us if we would like to come with her for a private safari.
Her name is Sarah and she is precious.  
That's not even a wonderful enough word.
She sat there on that big empty bus and explained every little thing we saw and answered all my babies' questions, and even told us some "insider" Disney tips and when we ran into her later in the week, she hugged our necks and asked us about our week, and I just LOVE HER.


The safari is super fun, and this treat just made it extra special.
A major highlight was hearing the lion roar!

We spent the rest of the day riding rides, watching shows, 
and enjoying a great meal at Tusker House.
We all thought the Lion King musical was great, but Nemo was really the show-stopper!!

Here is a video of Tucker's very first roller coaster.

It may have been a little intense to start him off.  :)
Lana and Dan loved Everest - Tucker and I weren't so much a fan of the backwards in the dark action.

We thought Tucker would love the dino ride, but he wasn't a fan of the dark, and it was pretty intense.

Right in the middle of the day, we ran into friends from seminary in North Carolina - can you even believe it?!
It was such a surprise and made my heart so full!

After checking out most of what Animal Kingdom had to offer,
the water ride ended up being one of our favorite things,
and as it had begun to rain in the afternoon,
we decided to take advantage of being wet and rode that thing over and over until the park closed!

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