Sunday, August 3, 2014


Some friends are like family.

Dustin & April and their boys and absolutely that for Team Davis.
Do a quick search on our blog and you'll find years of posts about weekends spent together.  Since 2003, we have made it a point to drive whatever distance necessary to get together regularly.  We were even fortunate enough to live in the same neighborhood while we were in seminary.  This friendship goes WAY back.

These weekends are precious to us.
We pack so much goodness into the time we have....
and by goodness, I don't mean busy-ness.
We have the best time hanging out in pajamas until noon.
Cooking big breakfasts.
Playing board games, reading books, having water fights.
Spanking children, settling fights, wrestling on the floor.

Watching people whom you love dearly adore your children.....people who don't have to, who just choose to, is nothing quite short of miraculous.

Holding and kissing the faces of little boys whom you've prayed for since before they were born, listening to them laugh and shriek as they run through the house with your own children, learning their sense of humor and what makes them unique....that's nothing short of priceless.

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