Thursday, July 24, 2014

Los Angeles: Day 6

Thursday, July 24

On Thursday, we went to Chinatown and met Tony.

Tony is a successful Chinese-American businessman who is, at 50 years old, transitioning out of his corporate career into a life of ministry.  He is complete his application to be an apprentice church planter with the North American Mission Board any day now.  
He has an amazing story, and it was so encouraging to hear!

He took us on a walking tour of beautiful Chinatown.

We stopped in a restaurant in Chinatown to listen to Tony more.

We enjoyed another delicious meal!

After lunch, Tony took us on a driving tour of Chinatown and surrounding areas

including an international market which caters to Asian Americans.

 It was like being in another country, right in the middle of one of the most populated areas in Los Angeles!

After spending much of the day with Tony, we made a quick stop by Universal for some souvenir shopping.

That evening, Robby & Kim Pitt hosted us in their home for an all-American meal of hamburgers and hot dogs!  One of the boys ate 4 burgers.  :)

After dinner, we spent some time recapping the week and debriefing.

Robby & Kim are really amazing people; just very authentic.  It was our joy and blessing to spend the week under their teaching!

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