Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Los Angeles, Day 5

Wednesday, July 23

 Each morning, we started our day off with breakfast in the kitchen at the church, and time spending reading the Word individually.  After that personal time with the Lord, we pulled out the Operation World map and looked at the countries that we would be learning about that day.  Dan shared information with us about the people groups and ethnicities living in those countries, and about those same people groups living our OUR country.

Then we played a few hands of Phase 10 before we got our day started!

On Wednesday, we met Waris.
Waris was an Afghani Muslim until just a few years ago.

Waris so very graciously invited us into his home to share a meal, which is such an honor among Middle Eastern peoples.  He shared his story with us over the course of several hours: before, during, and after the meal.

These beautiful women began cooking for us before the sun came up.
It was all so very delicious!
They filled my plate up with 3x that much after I finished what you see here.  :)

After many hours with Waris, hearing about how he came to know the Lord, and his heart for reaching Muslims today, we loaded back up in the van and headed to Chinatown.

These two were such a dynamic duo!
Dan drove in LA like he had lived there all his life, and Pudd was his right hand man, navigating all the way.  I am TERRIBLE with directions, and get flustered very easily, often bursting into tears if I take a wrong turn or get disoriented, so I was very very grateful to have Pudd riding in that passenger seat and calling the shots.  He has a great sense of direction, and we never once got lost!

These sweet ones caught a quick nap on the way to our next meeting:

In Little Saigon, we met T.A.
He says that stands for Texas-Asian, but we're not convinced.  :)
T.A. is the Director of Missions for San Fernando Valley,
and we learned so much from him that afternoon.

What a sweet surprise from the Lord as we were walking through the mall in Little Saigon!

For dinner, T.A. guided us to a delicious little place for Pho, a traditional Vietnamese meal.
I was so proud of what adventurous eaters the students were this week!  Dan & I eat widely, so it wasn't too much of a stretch for us, but we ate very little American food all week, and that could have been a stretch for some of them.  They did a really super job of trying everything, happily and graciously.

After dinner, T.A. headed to a meeting, and we took a little cruise down the Pacific Highway.

We stopped at Huntington Beach, where they were setting up for the Van's international surf competition!  It was really cool to see.

We walked down to the end of the pier, and it was rare to hear anyone speaking English as we walked along.  It made my heart soar to hear all those languages, and I've thought some about why I love it so much.  I think it's because it's a taste of heaven.  Around the throne, every tribe and tongue will be praising God, forever and ever.  To walk among the nations and hear those tongues here on earth....I think it speaks to my heart about what joy will be in heaven!

another beautiful California sunset.

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