Monday, July 21, 2014

Los Angeles: Day 3

Monday, July 21

Today we met Ashok, a man from Nepal who believed the gospel brought to him by an "English teacher" in his village.  He now lives in Los Angeles, and works in the surrounding universities to reach Muslim international students.

Ashok took us to tour a local Hindu temple.

The priest was very kind and polite, and took quite a bit of time to educate us about what Hindus do and do not believe.

It is customary for the priest of a Hindu temple to give visitors a gift of fruit before they leave.  It is obviously fruit that worshippers have brought to offer to their gods.  We had an interesting discussion about 1 Corinthians 8 in the van!

After visiting the temple, Ashok took us to his "stomping grounds," CalTech:

We took a quick tour of the school, and then sat for a while on the campus and learned about the hows and whys of reaching out to international students with the gospel:

After leaving Ashok, we went to Voice of the Refugees

and met Kalli Jo!
V of the Refugees is a Christian nonprofit designed to help internationals assimilate as they arrive in the United States.  While we were there, we were able to sit in on English lessons, and listened as the students learned to converse in English, and fill out job applications.  The students in the classes ranged in ages from their 20's to their 70's, all just come to our country.

Then Kalli Jo took us to tour an Islamic mosque.

The Islamic women who took us on a tour of the mosque was very kind and well-educated.
We learned quite a bit, and it was impossible to listen to her speak in such a devout way about her faith in Allah without being deeply burdened for those who don't know the Good News.

After finishing at the mosque, and enjoying a delicious Middle Eastern dinner,
we took a quick evening trip to Hollywood!

There was a red carpet event going on for the movie Guardians of the Galaxy that night.  It was their world premier, and the streets were packed:

Locals say that it is never much better than this,
anytime of the day or night:

Wow!  If you know me at all, you know I don't really prefer crowds, so you can guess that Hollywood wasn't my favorite place.  What I did enjoy was the rich diversity on those streets.  As we walked along, it was rare for me to hear anyone speaking English besides our group.  I loved that.

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