Sunday, July 20, 2014

Los Angeles, Day 2

Sunday, July 20

Sunday morning we worshipped with the Body of Fellowship Church of Burbank!

This same building space is shared by many church fellowships, 
of all different nationalities:

After our morning worship service, we went to downtown Burbank for a quick lunch at PizzaRev, which was a hit!  You order your own pizza, and for one price, put as many toppings as you want!  I was so happy to enjoy anchovies on mine, which I can never do when I'm sharing with my family!

After lunch, we headed back to Fellowship to worship with the Armenian congregation:

Ramon (on the right) preached in Armenian, and Ara (on the left) interpreted for us.

After enjoying a beautiful worship service with them, we went to an authentic Persian restaurant to enjoy dinner and get to know Ara and his wife Anet better.

Ara & Dan
Ara has an amazing story of conversion and working tirelessly to take the gospel to places in the world that deem it illegal to even own a Bible, much less read or preach from one.  He has suffered for his faith in ways that the rest of us never will, and has the sweetest spirit.

It was a joy to spend the evening with these women and men!
Rachael, Anet (Ara's wife), Savanah, Lindsey, Chelsea (summer intern), Gabby, and Kim (Robby's wife)
Dan, Robby, Ara, Pudd, Wade

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