Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Parasailing celebration!

Lana asked for us to take her parasailing instead of having a birthday party.
She wanted it to be her, mommy, and daddy: just the 3 of us.
So we found a sitter for Tucker, and Dan worked early and late that day so he could sneak away for a few hours morning, and we went parasailing!

We rented a GoPro camera from the parasailing company to take up with us, and are so glad we did!  Look at these pictures of the fun we had in the air!

Can you see the joy on this girl's face?
Between her adventurous spirit and her love language of quality time, this was a little bit of heaven for our sweet daughter.

Back on the boat!

Here are the pictures someone took from the boat for us:

 We loved the part where they dipped us in the water!

After getting off the boat, we walked right onto the beach and had lunch at Surfburger.

What a special way to spend her birthday!
I love that she chose an experience over a party.
Maybe it will become a tradition.

8 facts about our 8 year old!

Happy 8th birthday to Allana Marie!

  1. To celebrate her birthday, Lana asked to go parasailing instead of having a party!  This shows a lot about her personality.  She is fun-loving and adventurous, always looking for something exciting to do.
  2. Lana's favorite thing to do in her free time is read.  Her favorite book that she's read lately is Ruby Holler by Sharon Creech.  She reads widely, from nonfiction to biographies to classic fiction like Tom Sawyer or the Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe.  She's also about halfway through the Little House series.
  3. Her most prized possession is her "family and lovey."  Dan & I chose her lovey for her when we found out that we were expecting her, and she still has to sleep with it every night.
  4. Lana is going into 3rd grade this year.  She says she absolutely loves school, except for the part about being away from her family.
  5. Her favorite food is spaghetti.  
  6. When she grows up, she says she wants to be a veterinarian.  If that doesn't work out, then she says she could be a babysitter.
  7. If she could have 3 wishes, she would wish: (1) to have a beach house for my family (2) all the food we would ever need so we would never have to go to the grocery store again (3) for my family never to fight or argue again
  8. She says is very good at reading, climbing, and having new ideas.  She says she is not so good at some sports, like basketball.  

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Los Angeles: the kids

One might wonder where our children were while we were in Los Angeles!  Dan's parents so kindly kept them for us the first weekend, and then my brother Allan & his wife Ranae arrived from Washington, D.C.  They love the Lord, and understand the mission, and when we asked them if they might take a week of vacation from work and come keep our children so I could go with Dan on this trip, they didn't just agree, they blessed us with their enthusiasm!

While I might never know all the fun they got into during that week, I can tell you that when we ask our children about the week, Tucker says "We got TWO ice creams!" and Lana says that Uncle Allan is the best blanket fort maker in the world!

Here is a glimpse into their precious week with beloved Uncle Allan & Aunt Ranae.  These are in no particular order; they each make my  heart smile!!
You can click on any picture to enlarge.

Allan & Ranae, we can never thank you enough for the gift that you gave us this week.  Yes, the gift of allowing us the freedom to do ministry together for 7 days....but more importantly, the gift of loving our babies so well!  They will never forget this sweet time they had with you....neither will we.