Friday, June 20, 2014

Thieves wipes

It's no secret: I love Thieves oil.  It has kept us out of the pediatrician's office for eight months now.  Before Thieves oil, we didn't stay out of the pedi's office for eight weeks in a row, much less months.  So basically I'm in love.  I also love it's funny little history:
So I use Thieves oil everything.  I love Thieves dental floss and throat spray and hand sanitizer and I even put a drop of Thieves oil on my toothbrush when I'm brushing my teeth these days.  I love it.

I have, however, been strangely reluctant to try the Thieves household cleaner.  Honestly, I'm just kind of averse to natural cleaners.  I love the smells of Comet and bleach and Pine-sol.  They smell clean, and I like clean.

I finally broke down and ordered myself the (small) bottle of Thieves cleaner.  I decided to give it a chance, knowing that if I didn't like it for "real" cleaning, I could give it to my kids in spray bottles for when they help me clean and it would be safe for them.  
My first surprise is how very far this little bottle of cleaner will go.  It's a 30:1 ratio, meaning an ounce of Thieves cleaner to 30 ounces of water.  At that rate, this cleaner will last forever!

I've also been pleasantly surprised with its cleaning power and versatility.  I use that same spray bottle of cleaner to clean my mirrors, toilets, countertops, dog kennel, etc.  The only thing I've found that I don't think it cleans well is my shower floor....but nothing cleans that thing well.

So after the Thieves cleaner stole my heart, a friend told me how to take it to the next level and make my own Thieves cleaning wipes, to replace my beloved Lysol wipes.  It's so easy and wonderful that I want to share!

I just used a roll of select-a-size paper towels and a rubbermaid food storage container.  I cut the paper towels to fit into my container - did a big ol' stack of them.

Then I mixed together 1 cup of water to 1 capful of Thieves.

Pour the cup of Thieves cleaner over the stack of paper towels.
Flip the stack over, and repeat with another cup of water + cap of cleaner.

Put the top on and that's it!
These have stayed very moist, and are so versatile.
I give these to the kids to clean the breakfast table, the windows, their toys, everything.
I love grabbing them instead of Clorox wipes.

Thieves has won me over, yet again!

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  1. thanks for sharing! i've been hesitant to try it, too. but may have to try some next month!