Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Sue Sue time!

Mom came to stay a couple of days with us, and it always feels a bit like Christmas.  We visited the Pensacola Art Museum to enjoy the internationally acclaimed Lego Exhibit, which is stunning and a must-see.  We spent time at the beach, enjoyed lunch at my favorite Cactus Flower, and mom even sent me off for a morning of running errands alone while she & the kids cleaned the house!  We don't see her nearly as often as we'd like (if it were up to us, she'd live next door), but we surely enjoy the time we have with her!  Team Davis loves our Sue Sue!

Tucker's favorites at the Lego exhibit:

 Lana's favorite:

 After you finished walking through the exhibit, they had a room set up with Legos to play with:

Our masterpiece - ha!

Two weeks ago, Tucker wouldn't put his toe in water; it didn't matter if it was a pool or an ocean.  Now he's swimming out to the sandbar by himself!

Those are my two children out there!  I can't believe how brave Tucker was being - he was intent on keeping up with big sister.

He even got brave enough to do this:

Nothing like taking your snack out to the sandbar.

One of the things I love most about my girl is how she watches over her brother.

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