Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day!

This man is adored.  
by all of us, in every way.
He is the joy and laughter and fun in every day of our lives.

The kids were SO excited to have his Father's Day treats laid out for him on the table:

Can't you just see the love dripping of of those two?
He's earned it.
the thousands of breakfasts he's cooked, with the eggs just the way they like them.
early morning book reading, even though it makes him late.
taking the time to answer the facetime calls to hear about the funny thing that happened right in the middle of the day.
walking in the door and giving us his full attention
scheduling meetings and hangouts after their bedtime, so they get all of him they need.
swing pushing and bubble blowing and giggle making and wrestling.
thousands of Bible stories read, tens of thousands of prayers prayed.
saying yes patiently, tirelessly, to the one more kisses and sips of water and please close the closet doors.
the middle of the night nightmares, soothed by his calmness.
the grace.  the forgiveness.
He's earned their adoration, I tell you.....
and just watching him be a daddy to them has earned him mine.

The Father's Day interviews are always my favorite thing to do for him!

 Even the dog loves him best, as you can see.
He's everyone's favorite.

Tucker's special gift to him:


 Dan Davis, you made me the happiest girl in the world when you made me your bride.
And then you gave me the privilege of raising babies with you,
and it's breathtaking to watch.
You are the kind of Daddy every child dreams of having.
Thank you for being the Daddy of Team Davis.
You are our favorite everything.

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  1. Beautiful post...i have "stolen" a few ideas too!!!!