Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Life with Lana today (7 years, 9 months)

Profile of a 7 year, 9 month old Lana
  • Interests: reading books, riding horses, writing stories, climbing anything, biographies
  • Enjoys: playing board games, making bracelets with Mommy, snuggling with Pepper, wearing long skirts
  • Turn Offs: being interrupted while she's reading, Tucker pestering her, having to go to bed while it's light outside
  • Vices: kind of messy, doesn't like for us to know when she's done something wrong
  • Strengths: writing and reading (I would guess comprehending around a 6th or 7th grade level); highly compassionate and really gets what other people are feeling; very hard worker - will help us in the yard or cleaning the house without ever stopping for a break

Favorites of my seven year old
  • Foods: apples, cashews, shrimp, steamed cabbage, Fruit Loops
  • Shows/Movie: Dolphin Tale, Free Willy, Frozen, musicals
  • Books: Nancy Drew in particular, but she loves all series.
  • Toys: Rainbow Loom, thread bracelets, board games, Nerf crossbow
  • Activities: piano lessons with Ms. Driver, horseback riding lessons with Mrs. Karen

How 4 year old Lana is like her... 
mommy - can tune everything out when she's reading 
daddy - always looking for adventure, will take any dare

Treasuring details of my nearly-eight year old:
  • Sunday morning, Dan asked me to get our tithe envelope.  Lana was walking by and overheard; then she ran off saying "Oh!  I want to go get my tithe!"  She ran and counted her money, and then asked us how much she was supposed to tithe on $15.
  • She recently told me that her teacher moved their desks around at school, and she really does not like where she is sitting now because it's between 2 boys and all they do is argue about who is faster and who plays football better.
  • I have been her Crew Leader at VBS for the last 2 years, and we've loved it.  This year, she said "I might like to try being in another mommy's group, if that's ok with you, Mom."  Knife to the heart.
  • When she gets home from school in the afternoons, Tucker is dying for her attention.  He literally waits all day for her to walk in the door.  However, she has been with people all day long, and is usually ready for some downtime after homework.  Sometimes she will go hide in my closet with a stack of books.
  • Lana loves essential oils as much as I do these days.  She sticks her bottle of allergy trio (lemon, lavender, and peppermint combo) in her bag no matter where we go, even to the beach.
  • Lana doesn't miss a thing that we are talking about.  As she & Tucker were playing in the yard one afternoon, we parents were discussing our upcoming Disney trip and making sure we were budgeting well for that.  I mentioned that the car repairs had set our plan back a bit....later that evening, when I opened up my laptop, I found all of her cash ($13) with this sticky note attached:

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