Thursday, May 1, 2014


What started out as heavy rains turned into a disaster for Pensacola this week.  The amount of rainfall in such a short period of time was more than our area could handle; it broke every record in history.  Over 25" in less than 5 hours in our little town alone.

This is a classroom at Pensacola State College.

Nine Mile Road headed towards Beulah

local neighborhood

another shot of Nine Mile headed towards Beulah.
this is a main road in our community.

the interchange of Nine Mile and Hwy 29

Scenic Highway

These are just a few pictures of the horrible devastation.  No one had any idea that the rains would turn into severe flooding.  This gulfside community has weathered many hurricanes, and everyone agrees that we've never seen anything like this.

4 people died.
Many people spent the night in attics or on plant ledges in their homes, waiting to be rescued by boat, flashing SOS signals out the windows until their phone batteries finally died.
Very few had flood insurance.  The areas that flooded were ones that had never flooded before, even through severe hurricanes.

Recovery will be long and slow.

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