Saturday, May 31, 2014

Celebrating the end of Second Grade!

What a wonderful year our Lana has had in second grade!
She's made straight A's all year long.
We've seen a significant improvement in her writing.
She's gained confidence in many areas, academic and otherwise.
She's had opportunities to self-advocate,
approaching her teacher for help to deal with difficult situations.
She's spent another year under a warm, nurturing teacher,
who she genuinely adores.
She's been exposed to things I had hoped to shield her from,
and we've processed it together.
She's blossoming into this amazing little person,
with a personality all her own,
and we could not be more thankful to be her parents.

Such a wonderful year deserves to be celebrated,
so we set aside a "Lana Day," filling it with all her favorite places and things.

First stop: the candy machines inside the mall!

They love these huge gumballs.  4 quarters = big smiles.

We didn't tell her where we were going at all; she squealed when we brought her to the second stop - her very favorite store: Claire's.  
It really is a little girl's wonderland, and lucky for her, there was a sale going on:

After earrings, we had lunch at the food court in the mall,
which is a very rare and fun treat:

After lunch, we made a stop at the only store she may love more than Claire's:

Last stop: free donuts for good grades!

She declared it the best day ever, and asked if we could please have Lana day at the end of every school year.  She is such a joy! 

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