Monday, April 28, 2014

Yes Day!

My kids love this book about a kid's favorite day of the year.

So, when Daddy was gone away on a fishing trip,
it was time for our very own YES DAY.
Can we play hooky from school?  Yes.
Can we have sweet tea with our breakfast?  Yes.
Can we pick out our own clothes?  Yes.

Can we watch cartoons?  Yes.
Will you read us these books?  Yes.
Can we have ice cream for lunch?  Yes.
Can we skip naptime?  Yes.
Can you stop taking pictures? Yes.
Can we leave our beds unmade?  Yes.

Can we eat these big suckers?  Yes.
Can we play a board game?  Yes.
Can we jump on the bed?  Yes.
Can you tell us a story?  Yes.
Can we call Daddy to tell him?  Yes.

Can we shoot each other with water guns?  Yes.
Can we shoot YOU with water guns?  Yes.
Can we paint?  Yes.
Can we take a bath in your big tub?  Yes.
Can we stay up extra late?  Yes.

Can we do this again tomorrow??  No!  Maybe next year.  :)

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