Friday, April 18, 2014

Weird, but true. (This kind of stuff makes my day.)

Real (and weirdly accurate) names for groups of professionals:
from A COMPENDUM OF COLLECTIVE NOUNS by Woop Studios (Chronicle Books)

  • A group of accountants is called a balance.
  • A group of librarians is called a shush.
  • A group of dentists is called a wince.
  • A group of bowlers is called a keg.
  • A group of dermatologists is called a rash.
  • A group of creditors is called a curse.

There's a (weird) word for that:

  • Petrichor (PET-ri-kor): the scent outside after it rains
  • Jillick (JILL-ick): to skip a stone across water
  • Bibliobibuli (bib-leo-BIB-you-lie): those who read too much
  • Pogonotrophy (po-guh-NAW-truh-fee): the act of growing and grooming facial hair
  • Epeolatry (ep-ee-OL-uh-tree): worship of words
  • Cataglotism (kat-uh-GLOT-ism): French kissing

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