Saturday, April 19, 2014

The night before Resurrection Day....

In our side yard, there were 2 trees. They were the same kind of tree, and similar in many ways except one. 1 tree was alive, and 1 was dead. 

Today we did some yard work together, and Dan cut down the dead one. As the kids and I watched, I talked with them a little about what the Word tells us about the difference between dead trees and live ones, and how He was really talking about US. Are we growing? Are we showing fruit? etc.
Tucker asked, "Well, mommy, what makes US alive?"
"JESUS in us, buddy. That's where all our life and breath and being come from."
That was that. Just a minute or two conversation, and then we moved on to the exciting part - helping push that dead tree over and haul it off.

Just now, as I was laying with Lana in her bed, this is what my girl prayed:
"Jesus, thank you for all our blessings, but more than anything, thank you for coming to die for a bunch of dead trees. Thank you for giving us life."

So much joy in the morning for these dead trees.....who are made ALIVE.

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