Friday, April 11, 2014

Our children.

Lana is in a story-writing phase.  Every free minute, she's writing stories.  Most recently, she's writing one about a golden retriever puppy that she found wandering around our neighborhood, and a group of superheroes who are saving the world from Rogan the Invincible.

Tucker's favorite food these days is roasted cauliflower.

Lana's is steamed cabbage.

Tucker is obsessed with electronics, so we often declare technology-free days and weeks.

Lana is a hard worker.  We spent a few hours in the yard this week, pulling weeds and trimming plants, and she worked alongside me without ever stopping or complaining.

Tucker is completely terrified of the big wood bees that are out right now.  He doesn't even want to play in the backyard.

Lana made all A's on her third quarter report card.  The comments section is always my favorite part.  I think my girl is so wonderful, and I love reading what her teachers love about her, too.  This quarter's comments from Mrs. Hildreth were: Lana performs well in everything she undertakes!  She has earned another beautiful A Honor Roll Report card!  Along with her writing, she works well in groups, planning and carrying out activities.  Fantastic job!

Tucker loves playing tball.  He has a great arm on him, and loves to play in the dirt when he's in the outfield.

In our family reading last night, we read about the wide and narrow gates in Luke 13.  Afterward, Lana said, "I believe in Jesus, but I know even the demons believe.  What does it mean to follow Him?  How will I know when I'm ready to be baptized?"  Heavy, beautiful conversations going on right now.

Tucker was a super sidekick to me on Monday, helping unload the dishwasher, fold laundry, and put away clean clothes.  He rarely wants to do work alone, but will happily work alongside you.

Lana is continuing piano lessons, and is making good progress.  She enjoys mastering a new piece each week, and is getting better about not being so frustrated with herself.

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