Saturday, April 19, 2014

Akers of strawberries!

After monsoons yesterday, the weather today was absolutely stunning - 
these photos are totally unedited!
After lunch, we headed with some friends to Akers in Baker to pick strawberries.

 Look at these beauties!

We picked and picked and picked....
but every time I looked over at rascally Tucker, this is what he was doing:
That's nothing new, though - 
he's been a sneaky strawberry picker since he was a little guy:

Gone are the days when I hauled these beautiful babies around the strawberry fields in the Ergo.  What delightful people they are growing up to be.  So glad they are my people.

Oh bless it.

His strawberries spilled, and he was so sad.
Big sister to the rescue, to comfort.

That is $20 worth of deliciousness, folks:

Being with sweet friends always makes the day more fun!

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