Monday, April 28, 2014

Yes Day!

My kids love this book about a kid's favorite day of the year.

So, when Daddy was gone away on a fishing trip,
it was time for our very own YES DAY.
Can we play hooky from school?  Yes.
Can we have sweet tea with our breakfast?  Yes.
Can we pick out our own clothes?  Yes.

Can we watch cartoons?  Yes.
Will you read us these books?  Yes.
Can we have ice cream for lunch?  Yes.
Can we skip naptime?  Yes.
Can you stop taking pictures? Yes.
Can we leave our beds unmade?  Yes.

Can we eat these big suckers?  Yes.
Can we play a board game?  Yes.
Can we jump on the bed?  Yes.
Can you tell us a story?  Yes.
Can we call Daddy to tell him?  Yes.

Can we shoot each other with water guns?  Yes.
Can we shoot YOU with water guns?  Yes.
Can we paint?  Yes.
Can we take a bath in your big tub?  Yes.
Can we stay up extra late?  Yes.

Can we do this again tomorrow??  No!  Maybe next year.  :)

Saturday, April 19, 2014

The night before Resurrection Day....

In our side yard, there were 2 trees. They were the same kind of tree, and similar in many ways except one. 1 tree was alive, and 1 was dead. 

Today we did some yard work together, and Dan cut down the dead one. As the kids and I watched, I talked with them a little about what the Word tells us about the difference between dead trees and live ones, and how He was really talking about US. Are we growing? Are we showing fruit? etc.
Tucker asked, "Well, mommy, what makes US alive?"
"JESUS in us, buddy. That's where all our life and breath and being come from."
That was that. Just a minute or two conversation, and then we moved on to the exciting part - helping push that dead tree over and haul it off.

Just now, as I was laying with Lana in her bed, this is what my girl prayed:
"Jesus, thank you for all our blessings, but more than anything, thank you for coming to die for a bunch of dead trees. Thank you for giving us life."

So much joy in the morning for these dead trees.....who are made ALIVE.

Akers of strawberries!

After monsoons yesterday, the weather today was absolutely stunning - 
these photos are totally unedited!
After lunch, we headed with some friends to Akers in Baker to pick strawberries.

 Look at these beauties!

We picked and picked and picked....
but every time I looked over at rascally Tucker, this is what he was doing:
That's nothing new, though - 
he's been a sneaky strawberry picker since he was a little guy:

Gone are the days when I hauled these beautiful babies around the strawberry fields in the Ergo.  What delightful people they are growing up to be.  So glad they are my people.

Oh bless it.

His strawberries spilled, and he was so sad.
Big sister to the rescue, to comfort.

That is $20 worth of deliciousness, folks:

Being with sweet friends always makes the day more fun!

I oil pulled...and didn't die. Or throw up.

I read about oil putting here.  and here.  and here.  and more because google.
and I decided that it couldn't hurt,
and since my teeth and gums hate me and require lots of attention from a dental health professional at enormous expense, then maybe it could help and that was worth a shot!

So I started a couple of weeks ago.
I oil pull first thing in the morning,
before I brush my teeth or eat/drink.

Here's my story about how I oil pulled and survived! 

Day 1: I melted about 1/2 Tbs coconut oil in the microwave.  I was in a hurry because I woke up late, so I didn't melt it all the way - there were a few chunks in it (that was a mistake).  I added 1 drop of thieves and 1 drop of peppermint, and then put it in my mouth.  The chunks almost did me in - I started gagging.  Believe me, I will melt it all the way next time.

I powered through until the chunks were melted, and then the key for me was keeping my mind occupied.  I started struggling a bit at about 2 minutes, so I got on facebook to distract myself, and I could keep going.  I didn't mind the taste at all.  The only trouble I had was that it seemed to multiply in my mouth, which I suppose was my saliva.  At around 10 minutes, my mouth was so full I didn't feel like I could keep it closed, so I spit it out in the trash can.  My teeth feel SO clean!  There's a spot behind my bottom teeth that I never feel like I can get quite clean, and it was!!

Note: the Thieves and peppermint oil is not just for taste.  Thieves essential oil is an amazing blend of highly antiviral, antiseptic, antibacterial, and anti-infectious essential oils.  Peppermint oil is anti-inflammatory, antitumoral, antiparasitic, antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, and pain-relieving.  

Day 2: Let me tell you what I can't do: oil pull in the shower.  I read in several places that it was a great idea to do it while you're showering.  And yeah, I like multitasking, so sure, it's a great idea in theory.  Except I felt like I was drowning when I rinsed my hair because I couldn't breathe through my mouth.  So I did it while I was putting my makeup on and blow drying my hair, and I made it 11 minutes and 30 seconds today.  I could have gone longer but I needed to be able to tell my kids to get a move on!

Day 5: I didn't oil pull one morning because we were out of town, and could tell the difference in how clean my mouth felt.

Day 6: I discovered a painful ulcer this morning at my bottom gum line and oil pulling this morning definitely made it less painful!  I think it's healing.

Day 7: This for sure gets easier every day.  Making it to 20 minutes was no problem for me today, and I actually don't mind the taste at all.  (It helps that I really love the taste of thieves oil.)  And the ulcer is completely gone!

Day 8: When I initially posted on facebook about oil pulling, some people commented that they love it, but that their jaws have been sore or they've had headaches afterward.  I haven't had any of those problems until today.  I, just by accident, use less coconut oil this morning.  I grabbed a different spoon, and somehow ended up with less (I always just eyeball it).  That means I had to swish more and work harder to get that oil over all of my teeth and gums, and so by 15 minutes in, my jaws were slightly sore and I was headachy.  I won't make that mistake again!  More is more, in this case.

Day 15: I'm an oil puller!  I don't do it every day (because some days I just forget), but I really do love how my mouth feels when I remember.  Between this and Thieves mouthwash, I'm actually excited about going back to the dentist and hearing what they have to say!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Weird, but true. (This kind of stuff makes my day.)

Real (and weirdly accurate) names for groups of professionals:
from A COMPENDUM OF COLLECTIVE NOUNS by Woop Studios (Chronicle Books)

  • A group of accountants is called a balance.
  • A group of librarians is called a shush.
  • A group of dentists is called a wince.
  • A group of bowlers is called a keg.
  • A group of dermatologists is called a rash.
  • A group of creditors is called a curse.

There's a (weird) word for that:

  • Petrichor (PET-ri-kor): the scent outside after it rains
  • Jillick (JILL-ick): to skip a stone across water
  • Bibliobibuli (bib-leo-BIB-you-lie): those who read too much
  • Pogonotrophy (po-guh-NAW-truh-fee): the act of growing and grooming facial hair
  • Epeolatry (ep-ee-OL-uh-tree): worship of words
  • Cataglotism (kat-uh-GLOT-ism): French kissing

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Heaven is for Real.

Yes, indeed....heaven is real, and not because the book or movie says so.
Our level of discernment on this topic in the church today is very low.

I am so grateful for this strong word: David Platt on Heaven is for Real.

Monday, April 14, 2014

First beach trip of the year

This past weekend, we made our first warm-weather beach trip of the year.
We really do live in a bit of paradise, and there is little as soothing to my soul as spending an afternoon and evening on the beaches of Pensacola.
Being with dear friends just made it that much better.

Easter Egg Hunt 2014

Yesterday after corporate worship, our church family headed to Solutia park for our annual Fish Fry & Easter egg hunt.  The weather was incomparable, 70's and sunny with a strong breeze.  We had an awesome setup for the day.

After the smallest kids did their egg hunt, the 4-6 group was up.
Here's a few of them:

This is how T-bone felt at the starting line:


get set.....


Then it was Lana's turn: ages 7+

Lana and her sweet buddy Brooklyn

I could barely keep up with her long legs running around!

 This is how they spent their next little while - check out those poses!

 We spent hours just enjoying the playground and the games and the food and each other:

After 4 or 5 hours of playing so hard, 
I looked over at the playground to find my Tucker like this:

He was one tired boy!