Sunday, March 9, 2014

Tucker's playing t-ball!

This cutie is playing tball with our church team and he is so excited!

 I took my camera to the first practice to catch that cute little booty in baseball pants.  His only request on the way to practice was: "Mommy, cheer so loud!  Louder than all the other mommies, ok?"

He was just so stinking excited the whole time - even about just running the bases during warm up.

Big siblings watching from the announcer's box:

team meeting:

It is so cute to watch them!  The coaches are so awesome and patient with all these little's a bit like herding cats.

We have been so proud of how Tucker listens to his coaches.  We tell him before every practice that listening to them is the most important thing, and he's doing pretty well for a 4 year old.

The guy in the green talking to Tucker is our good friend Joe - love that he's out there on the field with our boy.  Our families are in small group together, are vacationing together over spring break, and it's just fun to be doing life together on the ball field, too:

so much concentration:

confession: I had to get a few kisses through this fence.
this smile slays me.

The first round, they didn't even hit - they just ran the bases.  Look at the joy on Tuck's face just standing on that base!

 Then it was time for them to each have a turn to bat.

 This progression is so fun to watch.
He hits:


and made it to first base!

Some video action:

Love these three buddies,
Tucker, Colton, and Mason.

This is the future of MLB, people.

Discussing their team name.
Look at them just listening to Coach Jeremiah - precious.

We are so excited about spending our Monday nights and Saturdays at the ballfield!

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