Sunday, March 9, 2014

Our children.

Tucker loves to race everywhere: from our room to his room, from the front door to the car - wherever he's going, it's a race.

Lana is more compassionate every day - she was skating the other day, and could hardly get around the rink because she stopped to check on every person that fell down.

Tucker hates water on his face still - he acts like he's drowning if even one drop rolls down.  We're not sure if he'll ever learn to swim.  

Both of our kids stub their toes all.the.time.  Maybe it's a genetic defect or something, but it's seriously every day that one of them are crying because they stubbed their toe.  We're considering making them wear shoes and socks even inside the house.

Tucker still refuses to eat sandwiches.  He does like peanut butter toast.

Lana doesn't go anywhere without a book.  If we are going to the car, she has a book in her hand, and usually more than 1.  Even on the 5 minute ride to school.

Neither of the kids had cavities at their last dentist visit.  When they have no cavities, their reward is that they get to choose where we go out to lunch.  Lana chose Five Guys - Tucker chose Cheddar's.

Tucker's love languages are words of affirmation and physical touch.  Lana's are words of affirmation and quality time.

Lana and I took a quiz the other day together and it said we were both "highly sensitive."  We agree.

Both of our kids are "oilers" now.  Tucker will ask for RC when he has a stuffy, and Lana can even put lavender on her own cuts and scrapes now.  They both remind us to put Thieves on their feet before they go to sleep at night.

For the first time ever, Tucker went to the dentist and didn't completely freak out.  The hygenist and dentist were both so sweet and patient, explaining everything to him.  He did so well!

Our kids often ask for 2 dinners.  If we have somewhere to go in the evening and we eat dinner before we go, they inevitably tell us they are "really, really" hungry on the way home.

Tucker is loving books on cd these days.  We have one that we listen to over and over - I've got to find an inexpensive way to increase our selection!

Lana is a huge help to me in my classroom on the days I teach.  She puts out morning work, gets the computers set up and ready, sharpens pencils, and helps students as they come in.  I can't imagine not having her with me.

Tucker loves having "jobs" to do around the house.  He can move laundry, unload the silverware in the dishwasher, clean the toilets, and fold towels like a pro!

Lana is just now becoming interested in picking out her own outfits to wear.

Tucker easily becomes obsessed with "electronics," and we have to set clear limits with him.  This week, actually, he is having a technology-free week because he was talking and thinking about it too much.  Another reason we love warm weather: outside play!

Lana's favorite song right now is this one by Big Daddy Weave.  It's so cool that they were our campus band when I was at University of Mobile!  I remember them playing in chapel.

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